Bridgton Veterinary Hospital offers full service medical services for your pets including; vaccinations, diagnostics, radiology, and routine surgical procedures.

Prevention Plan for dogs and cats

  • Annual Preventive Examination by a veterinarian
  • Immunization with core vaccines in accordance with existing guidelines:
    Canine: Rabies / Distemper / Lyme
    Feline: Rabies / Distemper
  • Customized life-style based vaccinations:
    Canine: Bordetella / Influenza / Leptospirosis
  • Feline: Leukemia

  • Spaying or neutering unless specifically intended for breeding purposes.
  • Dental: We recommend all pets be on some kind of daily home dental care plan, such as dental diets, dental chews, oral rinses or daily brushing. Ask us what product will work best for you and your pet! You can also visit for a list of products tested and proven to reduce plaque and tartar.
  • Every pet should receive year-round broad spectrum parasite control with efficacy against heartworms, intestinal parasites, fleas, and ticks. (Heartgard / Interceptor / Nexgard / Frontline / Bravecto / Revolution)
  • Customized: behavioral recommendations and dietary recommendations.

Diagnostic Testing Plan

  • Every dog should have annual heartworm/tick disease testing
  • Every cat that goes outdoors should have annual Feline Leukemia/Aids Testing
  • At least annual intestinal parasite testing (fecal).
  • Pets over 7 years of age: Baseline Labwork for early detection of age related problems.
  • Customized: Other diagnostic tests including: radiographs, urinalysis, bloodwork

Special Programs

Free Feline Vaccines For Life

Free vaccines for for life is a program offered to cats over one year of age.

There is a one time enrollment fee of $99.00 per cat.

The contract states that as long as the cat is brought to the clinic for a comprehensive physical exam every year. The cat will receive its necessary vaccinations at no charge for the rest of the cats life. The standard exam fee will still apply.

This program is a great opportunity to keep your cat healthy and save you money.

Kitten and Puppy Packages

Bridgton Veterinary Hospital offers complete healthcare packages to cover all preventative healthcare needs for your puppy or kittens first year of life.

  • Preventative Exams
  • Vaccinations and required boosters
  • Intestinal Parasite
  • Feline Leukemia/Feline AIDS Test or Heartworm/Tick Born Disease Test
  • The first 6 months of internal and external parasite prevention
  • Spaying or Neutering before one year of age
  • Microchipping and first year of enrollment
  • FREE birthday exam at one year of age
  • 20% off their first dental cleaning between 2 and 3 years of age

These packages are to be paid in no more then four installments. The total cost of the packages saves you 20% off of what these services would cost itemized out individually.